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About the Centre


The mission of the Centre for International Economic Law (CDEI) is to promote the study of and interdisciplinary research in international economic law, a branch of international law that includes the regulation of international trade in goods and services, the regulation of foreign investment, intellectual property law, competition law, treaties for the avoidance of double taxation and the law governing international economic organizations (such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization).


ITAM has been active in the area of international economic law for many years. We offer many courses in this field, including International Economics, WTO Law, NAFTA Law, Law and Economics, Public International Law, International Business Transactions and International Economic Relations Policy.

Our students have won various awards in the European Law Students Association moot court competition on WTO law [+], a competition that contributes to the professional development of students in this area of law. ITAM graduates that competed in this moot competition have gone on to pursue careers in the private sector, in Mexico City and Washington, and the public sector, in the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the WTO and the Secretary of Economics.

In 2008 we launched a series of seminars in international economic law [+], featuring speakers such as César Guerra Guerrero, Director General Trade Policy in the the Secretary of Economics, and Mateo Diego-Fernández, Director of Legal Affairs for the Federal Competition Commission.

The researchers associated with the Centre have published research on various aspects of international economic law, including books, chapters in edited volumers and articles in academic journals. The books include: Gabriela Rodríguez, La celebración de tratados en el orden constitucional (2008), Bradly Condon y Tapen Sinha, Global Lessons from the AIDS Pandemic. Economic, Financial, Legal and Political Implications (2008); Bradly Condon, El Derecho de la Organización Mundial de Comercio: Tratados, Jurisprudencia y Práctica (2007); Bradly Condon, Environmental Sovereignty and the WTO: Trade Sanctions and International Law (2006); Duncan Wood, Governing Global Banking: The Basel Committee and the Politics of Financial Globalization (2005); Bradly Condon, Joyce Sadka & Tapen Sinha, Insurance Regulation in North America: Integrating American, Canadian and Mexican Markets[+] (2003); and Bradly Condon & Tapen Sinha, Drawing Lines in Sand and Snow: Border Security and North American Economic Integration[+] (2003).

WTO Chair

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has awarded Dr. Bradly J. Condon the WTO Chair. The purpose of the WTO Chair Programme is to improve the knowledge of the multilateral trading system among academicians, citizens and politicians in developing countries and least-developed countries, stimulating teaching, research and debate on international trade in universities and research institutes. The WTO Chair will provide funds for the development of the activities of the Centre of International Economic Law at ITAM.

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Events and News

WTO Chairs' International Congress

WTO Chairs from Chile and Mexico invite you to their International Congress on International Economic Law and the environment. October 27-28th, 2011, Mexico City, ITAM.

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Foro de Arbitraje 2011
"Arbitraje y resarcimiento de daños y perjuicios: régimen mexicano y práctica internacional". September 2th, 8:30 am, Club 51, Mexico City

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Monograph on SPS Agreement

The Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures has been deeply analyzed by Professor Bradly Condon.

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Call for papers

If you are interested in publishing an article in Spanish or Portuguese for the Revista de Derecho Económico Internacional, please consult our website.

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